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Release Notes

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[+] Enhanced security for EXE Scramble and .NET Encryption shell protection methods

To take advantage of the enhanced security, you must update your ElecKey to the latest release. And, use the new ElecKey Integrator version to protect your application. Also, ensure that you deploy the latest version of the system files Ekc3220.dll and Ekc6420.dll (V2.0.9.5).

[+] LicenseKey Manager added presets for license upgrades

The added upgrade implementations (Upgrade-Extension, Upgrade-NoLimit, Upgrade-Expiration, Upgrade-Period/Exec) preset Key Properties to the specific licensing properties, without affecting the other existing properties. It is recommended to use the upgrade implementations when generating the License Key or Master License for license upgrades.

[+] Activation Server improved to support for upgrade implementations

The Activation Server improves the upgrade process to correspond with the new upgrade implementations added to LicenseKey Manager.

[+] NetKey Manager improved to support multiple processes handling different NKLSs

ElecKey (Release 9)

[+] Network-based licensing protection added the roaming license feature

The network licensing solution and NKLS (NetKey License Server) now support the roaming license feature. Roaming licenses provide greater flexibility and convenience over floating licenses, allowing the user to check out (or borrow) a network license from the NKLS. Then, the user can disconnect from the network, and temporarily use the protected application off-site.

* The roaming license feature is included in the ElecKey Ultimate edition.

* Other ElecKey editions must have the Network Key license prior to upgrade the roaming license feature.

* Existing customers can check and add the Roaming Network License Upgrade from the product upgrades page.

[+] Key Inspector added remote inspection and diagnosis

The Key Inspector tool can provide remote inspection that allows you to inspect the Key system on other machines. The feature can be really useful, particularly when you need to diagnose the licensing problems reported by the user. The diagnosis includes information about the system and the state of the Key, e.g. OS and CPU versions, ElecKey system file versions, Key detection, and error codes.


[+] Added feature for making/updating the USB dongle for network license remotely

The feature allows the user to make the USB dongle for network license from a normal USB flash drive, and update the network license remotely. To enable the feature, start ElecKey Integrator. Choose the Application License type as 'USB License (Dongle)', and choose the Integration Task as 'Build End-User Utilities for Network Key'.

[+] Improved reliability and stability of the Key system

The Key system is improved to better analyze unreliable hardware values returned from some hardware device firmware that may cause the error "Invalid Key device" without any hardware change.

[+] Added end-user licensing support information

The ElecKey Reference Help is updated with the end-user licensing support information that can be useful in setting a licensing policy, handling the licensing issues, and proving the claims made by the user.